One of many ways to innovate hardgoods design is to mix medium. Understanding both hardgoods and softgoods allowed me to create products that feel fresh and new in market. You can see from these examples how I married both knowledge in creating more tactile and playful products.

  • For WavHello, Skip Hop, Hashtag Kidz, Chewbeads
  • Type illustration, 3d CAD

Soundbub. portable bluetooth speaker & soother for WavHello

Silicone Teether that can flip over to keep clean.

Silicone wipes case and pacifier pocket

Explore & More Collection. This is a collection I lead to create Skip Hop’s first plastic toy collection. I was involved mostly in illustration of these characters and working with 3D CAD designer to build 3D model. Engineering and manufacturing was handled by another team member.

Owl Musical Phone. This is my illustration and design. It ended up looking just like my original 2D rendering.

Owl Musical Phone. wings light up when buttons are pressed. soft rubber handle.

Melamine Plate and Bowl.

Melamine Plate and Bowl.

Melamine Plate and Bowl.

Melamine Plate and Bowl.

Melamine Plate, Bowl and Tumbler

mix & match concept in early concept phase

3d file built in solidworks.
this is solidworks rendering

This suction hook is inspired by faucet handle. it’s designed to look fun and playful in bathtub. It can also hang more than one!

Swipe. Travel wipes dispenser. Slide button to left to access one wipe at a time. Open the container to refill easily. its wristlet allows for easy carrying and attachment to a stroller

Moby Rinser. I did most of design direction on this project. I worked with a designer and 3D CAD designer.

This Moby rinser was designed to fit with existing Moby collection

Tubby Bath Toy Organizer. This project was mix of softgoods and hardgoods. My role here was to engineer softgoods so it can hold maximum amount of toys without spilling from top. I also ideated with a designer to come up with effortless one turn thread idea as well as a hook-shaped knob that can be used to hold wash clothes and sponges.

This shows close up of mounting board and separated knob

Playspot Grey color way.